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Natural Gas Compressors for Boosting Your Gas Production

Stock Gas Compressor Packages. Available now.

Rotary screw natural gas compressors are available from an inventory of stock packages ranging from 60 HP to 637 HP.

Purchase, Rent or Lease. It’s easy.

All stock natural gas compressor packages from SAGE are available for purchase, rent or lease. Find out more about our rentals and leasing

Custom Natural Gas Compressor Packages. Any application

SAGE specializes in custom design and engineering of rotary screw compressor packages for a wide range of specialty applications that require processing of high temperature, heavy or sour gas. This includes acid gas compressors, fuel gas compressors, vapor recovery systems and other specialty compressor packages.

Sour Service Natural Gas Compressor Packages? Yes we can!

Have a sour service application? SAGE can help. All SAGE standard natural gas screw compressors are available for sour service. In fact, any existing SAGE standard natural gas screw compressor package can be quickly and easily converted for sour service.

Engine or Electric Motor Drives. We’re flexible.

All rotary screw natural gas compressors from SAGE are available with engine or electric motor drive options.

FREEZE-PROOF GUARANTEE on all SAGE Screw Compressor Packages

All SAGE rotary screw natural gas compressors are designed to provide exceptional run times in extreme weather conditions—even down to -50°C. The indirect oil and gas cooling system designed by SAGE eliminates the possibility of fluid freeze-up in the heat exchanger.

The system is designed with plate exchangers located inside the natural gas compressor building, which use glycol coolant from the engine jacket water system as the cooling medium. More details on the SAGE Freeze-Proof design.

The Guarantee

SAGE will pay the cost of lost production revenue up to 15% of the value of the package (to a maximum of $25,000). Compressor rental packages are covered for 100% of the monthly rental rate. If our package freezes you don’t pay the monthly rental fee. We guarantee it!