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90 HP Rotary Screw Gas Booster Compressor Package


Exceptional Gas Booster Package Design

SAGE gas booster compressor packages are designed with industry input and built with the features you said were most important.

We settle for nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL quality and performance, so you don’t have to either.

Exceptional Run Time

  • Guaranteed Freeze-Proof cooling system on all gas booster compressors
  • Quality Frick and Sullair brand gas booster screw compressors
  • Premium components ensure highest possible reliability

Exceptionally Smart design

  • Raised engine drives makes bottom end engine inspections simple and quick.
  • Raised overhead piping eliminates tripping hazards and improves service access.
  • Oversized inlet separators provide large slug capacity and reduce potential for gas booster compressor contamination.
  • Big oil separators enable high flow when your operating differential pressures are low.

Exceptional Flexibility

  • Conversion of our standard gas booster compressor package for sour service applications is quick and inexpensive and can be performed in the field.
  • Compressor frame or gear changes are easily performed if operating conditions change. SAGE gas booster compressors are capable of operating at discharge pressures of 400 psig or higher.

Exceptionally Quiet

  • Low noise coolers and quality hospital grade silencers are provided on all SAGE gas booster compressor packages.


All SAGE gas booster compressors are designed to provide exceptional run times in all extreme weather conditions. The SAGE indirect oil and gas cooling system completely eliminates any risk of fluid freeze-up in the cooler. The system is designed with plate exchangers located inside the gas booster compressor building, which use glycol coolant from the engine jacket water system as the cooling medium. Yes, it costs a bit more, but not nearly as much as lost production and service costs that occur when compressor freeze-up occurs.

Go here for more details on the SAGE Freeze-Proof design.

The Guarantee

SAGE will pay the cost of lost production revenue due to cooling system freeze-up on your gas booster compressor (to a maximum of $25,000), or 15% of the value of the package, whichever is greater. Gas booster compressor rental packages are covered for 100% of the monthly rental rate. If our package freezes you don’t pay the monthly rental fee.

Limited Conditions

The guarantee has a few simple conditions.

  • Valid all the way down to temperatures of -50°C.
  • The gas booster compressor package must be operated under a service agreement with SAGE.
  • SAGE must be notified within 12 hours of the shutdown to enable accurate diagnosis of the shutdown.
  • The freeze-up guarantee includes the entire cooling system, including engine jacket water, compressor lube oil and process gas cooling systems.
  • SAGE must be provided with adequate access to the compressor package to enable a timely re-start.