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Freeze Proof Design

The Sage FREEZE-PROOF Compressor Design.
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The Sage FREEZE-PROOF Guarantee

Sage gas compressors are better in the cold. Even when it’s -50°C. We are so confident that our cooling system won’t freeze in the most extreme winter conditions, we guarantee it!


During winter months gas compressors can freeze up which results in lost production revenue and unnecessary costs to thaw and re-start the frozen compressor package.

Why do compressors Freeze?

With traditional gas compressor designs the natural gas is cooled using ambient air. During winter months the cold ambient air causes liquids in the gas to condense and freeze as they pass through the heat exchanger. When the heat exchanger freezes the entire compressor package shuts down.

If the compressor oil is also cooled using ambient air, the cold oil will make the compressor package even more difficult to start.


The Sage indirect oil and gas cooling system completely eliminates any risk of fluid freeze-up in the heat exchanger. Both the oil and the gas are cooled indirectly with plate style heat exchangers located inside the compressor building. Since the oil and gas are never exposed to the cold ambient temperatures, freeze-up is virtually impossible.


The FREEZE-PROOF Guarantee

Your Sage gas compressor won’t freeze-up in the cold. Sage Guarantees it!

If your Sage gas compressor package fails due to a cooling system freeze-up, Sage will pay the cost of lost production revenue up to 15% of the purchase price of the package (to a maximum of $25,000). Gas booster compressor rental packages are covered for 100% of the monthly rental rate. If our package freezes you don’t pay the monthly rental fee.

Limited Conditions

The guarantee has a few simple conditions.

  • Valid to temperatures of -50°C and above.
  • The gas booster compressor package must be operated under a service agreement with Sage.
  • Sage must be notified within 12 hours of the shutdown to enable accurate diagnosis of the shutdown.
  • The freeze-proof guarantee includes the entire cooling system, including engine jacket water, compressor lube oil and process gas cooling systems.
  • Sage must be provided with adequate access to the compressor package to enable a timely re-start.