Good people, smart solutions.

637 HP Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Package


Smart Solutions from Sage.
What makes Sage gas compressors so smart?
The Design.

Before Sage built a single compressor they checked with people like you to find out what was most important to the people using gas boosters. As a result, Sage compressors of full of smart features that make them easy to operate and exceptionally reliable.

Smart Design – Outstanding Run Times

The Sage Freeze-Proof cooling system is standard on all Sage gas boosters and guarantees your compressor stays running in the most extreme weather. Learn more about the Sage Freeze-Proof Guarantee.

We use quality Frick and Sullair brand gas boosters. The best in the industry.
Premium components are used to ensure the highest possible reliability

Smart Design – Practical Features in all Sage Gas Boosters

Inlet separators are oversized, providing large slug capacity and reducing potential for compressor contamination.

We use large oil separators so that the gas boosters can produce high flows when the operating differential pressures are low.

Engine mounting is raised to make bottom end engine inspections easy for mechanics and operators.

Overhead piping makes service access to all components simple and easy and eliminates tripping hazards.

Smart Design – True Flexibility

Any of our Sage gas boosters can be upgraded for sour service applications with ease. All gas boosters include 1/8″ corrosion allowance and are manufactured using weld procedures that meet NACE hardness requirements (on process piping and vessels).

Gas compressor frame or gear changes are easily performed if operating conditions change.
Sage gas boosters can operating at discharge pressures of 400 psig or higher (on high pressure frames).

Smart Design – Quiet Operation

Sage gas boosters come with low noise coolers and hospital grade silencers to ensure quiet operation. Additional pre-engineered sound attention options are also available for ultra-sensitive installations.

You Get More Than A Compressor With Sage

Every Sage gas compressor comes with a team of Sage experts.


When you purchase or rent your gas boosters from Sage you can count on the experts at Sage to be there for you. Sage is built on a foundation of good people , most with a ton of industry experience, and all with the drive and passion to serve their customers. Sage compressors are built to last, and they’re back by people who answer their phone.

The Sage FREEZE-PROOF Guarantee

Sage gas boosters are better in the cold. Even when it’s -50°C. We are so confident that our cooling system won’t freeze in the most extreme winter conditions, we guarantee it! Click here to learn more about the Sage Freeze-Proof Guarantee.