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637-2000 HP Rotary Screw Natural Gas Booster Packages


Natural Gas Boosters for Increasing Your Gas Production

Big Horsepower.

Sage rotary screw compressors are available in big horsepower – from 700 HP to 2000 HP or bigger. Engine drive or electric motor drive, all Sage natural gas boosters have the same great design features.

Designed by You!

Sage natural gas boosters are designed with industry input, which means the compressor you buy from Sage is built with the features you said were most important.

Built-In Reliability.

Sage natural gas boosters are built to run – and stay running. The FREEZE-PROOF cooling system guarantees your Sage gas booster will stay running in the most extreme weather, even down to -50°C. You can Learn more about the Sage Freeze-Proof Guarantee here.

To ensure the highest degree of uptime, Sage uses premium components to ensure the highest possible reliability – like quality Frick and Sullair brand gas compressors, the best in the industry.

Operational Flexibility.

Chances are good your natural gas booster package will outlast the well or application that you purchased it for. All gas boosters from Sage are built to accommodate your ever-changing operating conditions. Every compressor is designed with built-in flexibility.

  • Converting a standard natural gas booster compressor package for sour service applications is quick and inexpensive and can be performed in the field.
  • Compressor frame or gear changes are easily performed if operating conditions change.
  • Sage natural gas booster compressors are capable of operating at discharge pressures of 400 psig or higher providing the highest operational flexibility.

Smart Features.

Natural gas booster packages from Sage include smart features that make operators and service technicians very happy.

  • Raised engine drives makes bottom end engine inspections simple and quick.
  • Raised overhead piping eliminates tripping hazards and improves service access.
  • Oversized inlet separators provide large slug capacity and reduce potential for gas booster compressor contamination.
  • Big oil separators enable high flow when your operating differential pressures are low.
  • Low noise coolers and quality hospital grade silencers are provided on all Sage gas booster compressor packages.