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  • Frick Shaft Seals

    Q – Frick Screw Compressors Seals Failing – Experience with resolving this issue?

    A – We do not experience many shaft seal problems on Frick compressors under normal circumstances. When we have had seal problems it was usually related to excessive operating temperatures, improper lubrication of the seal faces, high particle count in the oil or excessive clearance in the axial or radial bearings. For further discussion on this matter, please contact Blair Cuncannon at 403-250-8810 or

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    Welcome to the ASK TRENT portion of our web site. This page is designed to provide you with access to information from myself and some of the leading experts in the compression and rotating equipment industry. Whether you have a question about which compressor would be best suited for your application, or if you are an operator with a troubleshooting problem, you can go ahead and ask me the question here. Either I will answer it or I will have one of our highly qualified staff members do so for you.

    We’ll answer your questions in this forum so that other can benefit also. Or if you issue is more complex, we will connect with you directly.

    This is just one of the many ways SAGE is working hard to provide you with access to Smart Solutions for your business.

    Trent Bruce

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