Good people, smart solutions.

About Sage

What We’re About

Meet Jim.
Employee #5 at SAGE.
SAGE is about people like Jim.
Good people, with lots of experience.

Good People. Smart Solutions.

Jim represents what SAGE is all about. People say that,
“Jim has been around forever.” While that might not be
literally true, he has been around long enough to know
an awful lot about gas compression. And everyone
knows that Jim will do anything to help a customer.

Deep Experience

Jim’s expertise and willingness to serve is what
SAGE is all about. Today, SAGE remains passionately
committed to serving its customers with a team of industry experts with deep experience. Those experts are helping build new products and develop better services to meet your needs—the needs of the customer.

People Serving People.

While SAGE remains deeply committed to developing new and innovative products and services for its customers, the backbone is its commitment to people. SAGE is about people serving people.