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About Sage

Product and Services

Meet Joe.
At SAGE, Joe is responsible for building gas compressors
with the features you want in them. He works with a SAGE
team committed to the same result.
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SAGE is a gas compressor packager of standard gas
compressor packages (50 HP – 5000 HP+), specialty
gas compressor packages, and natural gas generator
packages (50 KW to 1500 KW) for the oil and gas
industry and unique industrial applications.

The SAGE product offering includes:

Standard Model Screw Gas Compressor Packages

SAGE manufactures a complete line of standard model rotary screw gas compressor packages from 50 HP to 3000 HP+. Most models are available for purchase, rent or lease.

Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages

Reciprocating gas compressors packages from 50 HP to 5000 HP+ for natural gas production are available from SAGE.

Specialty Gas Compressor Packages

With deep industry experience, SAGE also offers highly specialized engineering and manufacturing of reciprocating gas compressors, specialty compressors packages such as propane refrigeration, high-pressure air compressor packages, specialty vapor recovery unit packages or acid gas compressor packages. This includes gas compressor packages for applications involving high temperature or liquid rich applications with high levels of H2S or CO2. All natural gas compressors can be manufactured with either engine drive or electric motor drive.

Designed for Reliability

Before manufacturing their first gas compressor package, SAGE spent time with operators and engineers in the oil and gas industry, finding out what was most important to the people using gas compressor packages. As a result, when you purchase a gas compressor from SAGE, it is engineered and built with features that ensure the highest degree of reliability. This includes the SAGE indirect cooling design, a key design feature which enables SAGE compressor packages to operate continuously without any possibility of freeze-up, even in weather as cold as -50┬░C. SAGE backs their design with the Freeze Proof Guarantee.

Compressor Parts

SAGE also provides a complete offering of gas compressor parts for most gas compressor models, including Frick, Sullair, Kobelco, Gardner Denver, Mycom, Gemini and Ariel. Parts for CAT, Waukesha, Cummins and Arrow natural gas engines are also available from SAGE.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generator packages are available in two standard sizes, 50 KW and 135 KW, as well as in any custom size up to 1500 KW. These self-contained gas driven generator packages are built for site power where electrical power is otherwise unavailable.