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Our Commitment to Safety

As we concluded January 2015, SAGE has safely operated for 2,204 days (over 6 years) without a Lost Time Injury.  Working in an industry with an already impressive average frequency rate (total lost time claims per 100 workers) of 0.66 over five years, SAGE has managed to maintain 0 across the board 1.  As the risk of injury is always around the corner, the SAGE team does everything they can to maintain a safe workplace and minimize the risks.

How do we maintain a safe workplace?

At SAGE, safety is our highest priority and we are proud to have a team of good people advocating safe work practices in everything they do.  Our employees are engaged in the suggestion and implementation of new procedures that not only make their daily work easier, but much safer as a result.  During slower production times, and our upcoming shop expansion, our team is able to bring these solutions to life.  Many of these suggestions come in the form of ergonomic solutions in order to combat our industry’s most common workplace injury, over exertion.

What are we doing right?

With an overall 98% score in our 2014 Certificate of Recognition Safety Audit, here are some of the things we do best:

  • Management is actively engaged in advocating the health and safety program
  • Prioritizing, identifying and evaluating workplace hazards
  • Maintaining a culture of safety throughout the company
  • Effective processes for easily and comfortably reporting workplace hazards
  • Thorough health and safety orientations and training for all SAGE employees
  • Easy access to information in the event of an emergency
  • Regular meetings involving health and safety, including a monthly company wide safety meeting
  • Detailed job descriptions
  • Offering modified work when necessary

What is next?

As we continue to grow, SAGE actively pursues even better health and safety initiatives.  We have planned to continue enhancing our safety performance by:

  • Developing a more effective and informative process to advocate safety in collaboration with our contractors
  • Implementing 5S (Five pillars; Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, which helps with productivity, safety, waste reduction, and worker commitment) 2
  • Building and implementing employee suggestions for quality and safety program enhancements


Safety is a culture at SAGE and at the forefront of how we conduct our business.



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