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Continuing to Improve So We Can Better Serve You

Our Commitment to Improvement

The backbone of SAGE is our commitment to people. SAGE is about people serving people and the best way to continue to get better at everything we do is to listen!  Our genuine commitment to improving the quality of our products and services begins with our efforts to provide our customers with a positive purchase and engineering experience while exceeding their expectations.  To help us continue to further improve our product and service quality, we ask for feedback on the execution of the project through to the design and engineering phase.  Our short online survey is emailed to the primary customer contact for each project and the results are immediately assessed, sent to senior management, and addressed as needed.

Our Evaluation Criteria

We ask our customers to evaluate statements with respect to the project through to the design and engineering phase.  The following are the criteria our customers are asked to rank:

  • The accuracy and efficiency of the transition of the project requirements from Sales to Engineering upon project award
  • The availability and timeliness of project engineering/management resources
  • The timeliness of submissions for approval and/or final drawings
  • The accuracy of Approved for Construction drawings and Bill of Materials
  • The scheduled completion of the compressor package
  • The ability of overall project engineering/management to meet requirements
  • The communication of changes to deliverables
  • The fairness, accuracy, and timeliness of contract revisions
  • How SAGE compares to the competition
  • The likelihood they are to recommend SAGE

Going Forward

As it stands, over 80% of our respondents have been happy with our execution of design and engineering.  These results led to a majority of our customers ranking us above average compared to the competition and recommending us to a friend or colleague.

We take all of our feedback seriously and have made this process a core resource to improving upon how we work.  Stay tuned for more results as we continue to collect results!

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