Good people, smart solutions.

About Sage


SAGE was founded by good people,
people who care about their customers.
Today, those values remain the core
of what SAGE is about.

SAGE History

Founded under the name Concept
Compression in 2002 by three seasoned
industry professionals – Barry Rinehart,
Karen Narfason and Trent Bruce – the
company began by packaging gas screw
compressor packages for the 90 – 200 HP market.

With small plans, but big hearts, their first objective was not building compressors, but meeting with people in the industry to discover what users of gas compressors wanted, needed and valued most. With a clear understanding of the extreme weather challenges experienced by operators in the industry, the company began building gas compressors filled with features that made them highly reliable, and guaranteed “freeze-proof” operation during the most extreme winters.

The company quickly became recognized as a quality provider of gas compressor packages. The product line-up expanded to include standard models from 60 HP to 400 HP. Additionally, with the deep technical expertise, the company began successfully designing and manufacturing custom gas compressor packages for non-conventional gas applications such as solution gas, vapor recovery and many enhanced oil recovery projects involving heavy, liquid rich, high inlet temperature applications that often contain high levels of H2S and CO2.

As the company grew, it continued to add employees with deep knowledge and experience. Today, the SAGE service department is recognized as leaders in servicing screw compressor packages in both natural gas and propane refrigeration service, capable of servicing everything from refrigeration plants, natural gas engines, and reciprocating compressors.

The SAGE product line now includes rotary screw and reciprocating compressors packages from 50 HP to 5000 HP.

In 2009 the company re-branded under the name SAGE Energy Corp to better reflect what the company has become as an organization.