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Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages

50 HP - 3000 HP+

Purchase, Rent or lease.

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Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages

50 HP - 5000 HP+

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Vapor Recovery systems

  • High Temperature Gas
  • Liquid Rich Gas
  • H²S or CO²

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Specialty Gas Compressors

  • Acid Gas
  • Fuel Gas Boosting
  • Refrigeration Compression
  • Specialty air compression

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Natural Gas Generators Packages

50 KW & 1500 KW packages for site power

Purchase, Rent or lease.

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  • Who is SAGE?

    Formerly Concept Compression, SAGE is more than a new name. SAGE consists of the same good people, with new and very smart solutions. Gas compressor packages from 50 HP – 5000 HP. Natural gas generators for site power. Service solutions that get the job done right! SAGE is here to serve you.

  • Ask Trent

    With more than 20 years of gas compressor experience, and a passion to serve his customers, Trent is giving away his expertise. Read his articles and connect with Trent here.

  • The SAGE Freeze Proof Guarantee!

    SAGE gas compressor packages are better in the cold. We guaranteed it. Find out why our compressors are guaranteed not to freeze-up, even when it’s -50°C. Learn more.

  • Gas Compressor Sizing Program

    A simple and easy tool to calculate which compressor your need. Try it now.

  • Online Gas Compressor Training

    Free operator training for gas compressor packages is now available to watch at your convenience. Watch now. icon_camcorder

Sage Energy Corp, formerly Concept Compression, is a packager of natural gas compressor packages and natural gas generator packages. Gas compressor packages from 50 hp to 2,000hp+ include Rotary Screw Gas Compressor Packages, Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages, Vapor Recovery Systems, Refrigeration Compressor Packages, and other specialty natural gas compressor packages such as acid gas compressor packages, fuel gas compressor packages and other compressor packages for natural gas production.

Sage also offers natural gas generators for purchase and rent. Natural gas generator packages are available in sizes ranging from 50 kw to 300 kw. Stock genertors are available in two standard sizes: 55 kw natural gas generator packages, and 135 kw natural gas electric generator packages.

Sage is a company that is focused on providing the industry with smart gas compressor solutions - solutions that make sense for the customer. That is why natural gas compressor packages from Sage are designed with industry input, and are built with features that are most important to the people who use gas compressor packages. The Sage NO Freeze cooler design is just one example of such features that are innate in the Sage gas compressor design. The Sage No-Freeze design guarantees that the gas compressor package will not freeze up, even in temperatures as cold as -50°C.

Sage employees are natural gas compressor experts with long careers in the industry. They are committed to working with their customers to find the right solution for every gas compressor application. Every employee, from field service technicians, to the ownership group, is a key part of the corporate culture focused on meeting customer needs. Whether it’s a natural gas compressor package, a naturals gas generator unit, or any of the specialty gas compressor applications, or refrigeration compression projects, Sage has the expertise and knowledge to ensure the right solution – the smart solution – is found.